Who is the Birch Meadow PTO?

The purpose of the Birch Meadow PTO is to develop a closer relationship between home and school, develop financial support, when requested by School Administration, for educational or recreational programs to benefit the children, and to provide an avenue of communication for town-wide educational issues.

Part of what makes Birch Meadow a great place to learn is the widespread support and engagement from our very active parent community.


Just as important, the PTO welcomes your volunteer spirit! The PTO events and programs need volunteers to make them happen. Please attend PTO meetings, consider volunteering at an event or get involved in your own way – there are many jobs to fill and we need your help!

How Can You Support the Birch Meadow PTO?

The PTO supports initiatives, activities and events that reach every Birch Meadow student and parent. It is through your dedication and commitment to our students and school that we are able to provide the wide range of programs and support to our students, staff and school community.

There are three ways that you can help be a part of an engaged parent community:

  • Donate to Direct Donation

  • Volunteer

  • Stay Informed

Donate to Direct Donation

The Birch Meadow PTO's primary fundraising program is our Direct Donation Campaign. Contributions from the families of the Birch Meadow community are the most effective way to help financially support the PTO and its many initiatives.

While we spend approximately $100 per student each year, we ask that you consider donating $100 per family, regardless of how many children you have at Birch Meadow. During the course of a 10-month school year, this is really only $10 per month. Please note that donations are strictly voluntary. No child or family will be excluded from PTO events based on participation in this campaign.